All We Cannot Say is an exploration of love and sex, joy and heartbreak.

It’s a podcast at heart, now with a multi-channel reach that extends beyond the eardrums of the curious and confused. AWCS opens up a dialogue about intimate subject matter, and seeks to provide a safe space to reveal the things we feel, but can’t talk about freely. What does it mean to be in love? How do we make relationships last? Do we need monogamy? How do we express our needs? How do we talk about sex comfortably and confidently? We explore these questions and more in the pursuit of emotional intelligence, with a focus on morality as much as pushing the envelope. We advocate for consent, but get a thrill out the shock factor too.

AWCS’s listeners, readers, online communities and contributors span the globe but are connected by a mutual need to understand their emotional landscapes. They report that AWCS provides comfort, confidence to self-reveal, and empowers them to further develop their EQ.


Our mission

AWCS was originally created as an emotional outlet that sought to include experts, friends and interesting people in the healing and discovery process. Through the podcast, blog and further developments, the aim is to explore relationships and sex in the 21st century. We love a story that reveals an unexplored aspect of the human heart or sexuality, but find the familiar pretty great too.


Topics we’re interested in

Love, sex, online dating, short-lived love, sexuality, lgbt, kink, sex work, love psychology, philosophy, consent, communication, science, sex technology, mental health, ethical non-monogamy, marriage equality, divorce, heart break.


Meet the Team

About the host/producer


Camilla Ruth is the host, producer and editor of All We Cannot Say. She has a background in copywriting, marketing and journalism, and has an intense interest in psychology, sexual health, mental health and the human heart. Although a writer at heart, she found podcasting to be the ideal medium to find meaning within modern relationships and sex.

Audio editing

James Eade

James takes our unpolished audio and creates broadcast-ready productions. He’s based in the UK, and specialises in taking recordings and turning them into high quality episodes that listeners love. If you want to work with James, he offers a free trial for all customers. A free trial!


Nikolai Goundry

Nikolai is a Sydney-based game designer, currently working on Baroviet. He also writes about his transition experiences, is a dedicated cosplayer, and creative.










We’re on the hunt for regular voices to take ownership of their personal narratives, thoughts and philosophies. If you’d like to write for All We Cannot Say, explore our Contributor page first before you get in touch.


Is this you?

You love love. Or you hate love. You love sex. Or sex confuses you. You’ve had your heart broken, you’ve broken hearts, but most importantly, you have a beating heart. You’re firmly interested in emotional complexity, and don’t shy away from difficult subjects. Or perhaps you do, so you want to listen to AWCS in secret with some headphones on. You appreciate the unpolished and consider yourself a work in progress. Don’t be shy. Let us speak directly into your eardrums, on all things love, and most definitely fucking.


Be a part of it

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