Can you truly be friends with a previous partner? This is a question we’ve explored previously on the blog and on the podcast. But what readers and listeners might not be aware of is that All We Cannot Say is inspired by an honest conversation between two exes who achieved what many set out to do, but fail: friendship without borders.
Board game designer Peter C. Hayward  and artist Honour Eastly (otherwise known as SJ) co-host Being Honest With My Ex, a podcast that explores what happens when two former partners heal their respective heartaches, and become the best of friends without agenda.
It’s an authentic exploration of the dynamic between two previous lovers who’ve transformed romantic love into hatred, and then into platonic love for all the world to witness and enjoy. If you enjoy candour, black humour and unabashed honesty, it’s a real treat for your ears.
In this latest episode from All We Cannot Say , Peter joins us to discuss the creative process behind Being Honest with My Ex, his thoughts on jealousy, and why exes can be the best of friends.

In this episode, we answer the question ‘Can You Be Friends With Your Ex?’

We also talk about:

  • How do you start a podcast with your ex?
  • The beginning of Being honest With My Ex
  • Harmon Town
  • The cathartic experience of airing your dirty laundry publicly
  • The logistics of recording with a former partner in a different country
  • The emotional and energetic labour involved in creating your own podcast
  • Personal growth via creating audio material
  • Anne Hunter on Episode 3: Ethical Non-Monogamy
  • Why listening to yourself argue is a great exercise in introspection and personal development
  • How to resolve an argument you’ve started or made worse
  • Can you really be friends with your ex?
  • Why your ego is your worst enemy
  • How to deal with jealousy if your partner is still friends with their ex
  • Big Fish the movie
  • Gender identity
  • How to navigate pronouns in a gender-centric world
  • The joys and setbacks of living within your own progressive bubble
  • The emotional and intellectual benefits of surrounding yourself with adversaries
  • How to build mental muscles for emotional and intellectual strength
  • The emotional challenges in personal reconciliation
  • Sleep and it’s importance for the creative process
  • Gimlet Media
  • So This Is Love and creative partnerships with your life partner
  • Private romance as public performance
  • Is there such a thing as a soul mate?
  • Starving Artist Podcast and how to make money from creative endeavours
  • Does the microphone make you more authentic?
  • Schrodinger’s Cat

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