A low female libido is one of the most common sexual complaints for women.   It’s also Lauren White’s area of expertise and her passion. Lauren is a sexologist based in Brisbane, who assists her many satisfied clients to reinvigorate their sexual power and their intimate lives. Through her one-on-one sessions and workshops, she helps women to release their psychological blocks that prevent them from fully stepping into their sexuality.


In this episode we discuss the elusive female libido, as well as:

  • What is Saturn’s return?
  • Studying Sexology at Curtin university
  • Why your late 20s is a huge time of emotional growth
  • Unboxed and ethical sex toy companies
  • The prevalence and significance of orgasm equality in 2017
  • Hormonal contraceptives
  • Why women need to change by ourselves, for ourselves
  • Harvey Weinstein, consent and the #metoo campaign
  • Is everyone else having sex but you?
  • Why the language we use influences your sexual mind-set
  • Quality over quantity, especially between the sheets
  • The danger of silence and assumptions in shaping our belief systems
  • Why communication is key to a healthy sexuality
  • The best way to start a conversation about sex
  • How to foster a safe space for important, sensitive topics
  • What makes soy a huge libido blocker?
  • Alcohol’s effect on your orgasmic capacity
  • How to expand and explore your sexuality
  • Vanilla sex and the anti-tantra mantra
  • Is penetration a requisite for sex?
  • The difference between a sexual act and intercourse
  • The joys of non-goal-oriented sex
  • Do our body’s possess an innate wisdom?
  • The ideal time for foreplay – it’s longer than you think
  • Vanessa Muradian of Mia Muse on Yoni Massage 
  • How do you help the woman in your life feel more sexy, confident and in control?
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