What does ethical non-monogamy mean in 2016? Relationship counsellor and head of PolyVic Anne Hunter joins Camilla to discuss polyamory and relationship anarchy for episode three. It was truly a pleasure to interview such an incredibly articulate woman, and I’m sure that you’ll find a valuable lesson within our hour of recording. A lot of complex questions were answered throughout this episode, like: What happens when you step off the relationship escalator? How do you explore ethical non-monogamy? What’s the number one conversation you need to have with your partner? And how do you navigate relationships without labels? Is is possible to love outside of the traditional partnership duality that we’re all so accustomed to? All of this and more is explored for your listening pleasure.

Things discussed this episode:

  • Stepping off the relationship escalator
  • The fuss about relationship anarchy
  • Relationship hierarchies
  • How to deal with jealousy
  • Why we both haaaaate sharing our bedrooms
  • Setting up boundaries
  • Compersion
  • Why love is an infinite resource
  • How to communicate honestly and ethically
  • How to learn to love yourself
  • Why the skills you learn in polyamory can be applied to monogamy
  • The one thing you need to have a loving, fulfilling relationship
  • Safety in vulnerability
  • Pathologising polyamory
  • How to explore ethical non-monogamy
  • The number one conversation you need to have with your lover
  • How to come out
  • How to compassionately deal with people who judge your orientation
  • Relationships without labels
  • Jumping into bed with friends…without sex
  • More Than Two by Franklin Veaux

Want to explore ethical non-monogamy further? Anne is a respected relationship counsellor within the polyamorous community. You can get in touch with Anne via Your Relationship Tool Belt to discuss working together. She offers a shame-free, transformative and pragmatic service that as far as I can tell, is highly accessible for most.


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