With a litany of erotic accoutrements to pique our fascination and adventurous side, we’re spoiled for choice now more than ever.
But what if the best sex toys of all were simple, accessible, and made ethically?
It’s a question Ffion set out to answer 5 years ago when she launched Fine Bone. The goal? To create the perfect porcelain dildo for everyone with a vagina.
After sampling several prototypes and asking friends to test-drive each, Prudence was born – a body safe, porcelain dildo that looks strangely like a kitchen utensil.

Since spending the past 15 months in Berlin accelerating her business, Ffion is back in London and ready to show Prudence to the world.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • Is London or Berlin the best place for sexual liberation?
  • The most body-safe materials for your sex toys
  • Are ceramic sex toys safe for your body?
  • The best shapes for dildos
  • Hot and cold tips for temperature play with Prudence
  • How to introduce sex toys to the bedroom
  • Why are dildos not shaped like a penis?
  • Why unrealistic beauty standards in the sex industry make us scared to explore our sexuality
  • The rise of the FUN sex toy company
  • Sex is normal, not NAUGHTY
  • Are sex toys becoming elitist?
  • The rise of the ethical sex toy company
  • What is FOSTA?
  • UK sex worker laws
  • Australian sex workers laws
  • What is decriminalisation?
  • Is it illegal to solicit sex work in the UK?
  • Sex work and stigma
  • Episode 17 with Estelle Lucas
  • Berlin and sex worker laws, and compulsory registration

Want to get your hands on PRUDENCE?
Find Fine Bone on Kick Starter to make a pledge.
You can also follow Fine Bone on Instagram.

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