Heard of yoni massage? Neither had I, until I attended ConFest in early 2016. In episode five, I sat down with sexologist and yoga teacher Vanessa Muradian of Mia Muse, a premium lifestyle and sensuality brand, to discuss this fascinating form of treatment. From Vanessa’s tranquil little zen den in Melbourne, we got in the groove to talk about sexual energy and how she runs a high quality, high end and environmentally friendly adult business. Mia Muse is different from your usual online adult shop, in that it encourages women to embrace pleasure and deepen an understanding of their sexuality. Through offering her special Pleasure Weekend Workshops and her Sensual Yin Yoga flow classes, Vanessa supports and educates women to turn sex into an expansive, transformational experience, that’s also a fuck load of fun.

Yoni massage and other things discussed in this episode:

  • How often does a healthy woman think about sex?
  • When are women at their most aroused?
  • Penetrative breaks > coffee breaks
  • How do we define a ‘sex act’?
  • Edging and withholding
  • “Orgasm” and goal-orientated sex
  • Being a good friend to women
  • Alcohol and the libido
  • Toxic sex
  • How to deal with blue ovaries and blue balls
  • Chakras and tantra for better sex
  • How to get over your vibrator addiction
  • Kundalini energy
  • The biggest libido blocker
  • Losing control and the full act of surrender
  • Esther Perell 
  • Foreplay begins at the end of the last orgasm
  • Yoni massage and saving all the sacred caves
  • Yoni Masseuse Mangala Holland 
  • Energy Healing
  • Erin Kyna
  • Am I too fucked up to be fixed?
  • Protecting yourself from energy vampires
  • Sexy lady yoga
  • Pleasure Weekend by Mia Muse
  • The joys of loud sex and the problems with house sharing
  • There is nothing normal in this world
  • Having no apologies for emotion
  • The difference between intuition and instinct
  • The difference between feminine sexual energy and masculine sexual energy
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Did you love this podcast? Be sure to check out Vanessa’s next Pleasure Weekend workshop! These workshops are a safe space to explore the female anatomy, desire, physical pleasure and how to fully inhabit your sexuality. The next one runs over October 15 &16, and it’ll probably sell out as they always do! Book your tickets now!


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