Being a professional sex columnist is a trope that often brings up allusions to a certain curly-haired dame with an extensive shoe collection. Cigarette dangling from the corner of her mouth, she breaths out disdain for the trail of hearts and emotional debris left in her wake, as she types her prophecy into the internet universe.
But it’s 2017, and with our sexual openness, wifi connections and the added layer of complexity that online dating brings to relationships, we need a new breed of guru. Someone whose writing career is real, whose dating life is relatable, and whose advice is grounded in a desire to empower women everywhere through frank, dry wit and an understanding of the human heart.
Enter Gigi Engle, professional sex columnist and cohost of podcast Dirty Sexy Monogamy. Gigi has penned sex and relationship advice for the likes of The Thrillest, was the senior sex and lifestyle writer at Elite Daily, and she has also written for Men’s Health, Elle Magazine and Bustle.


Life as a sex columnist and other things we talk about in this episode:

  • The most common sex questions
  • How to get your partner to have sex with you more
  • Being a proud slut and a highly sexual woman
  • The trials of having a higher libido than your partner
  • Masculinity, sexuality and the challenges of having different libidos
  • James Altucher
  • Who has the right to give advice?
  • Why advice is autobiography, and what makes a person qualified to give advice
  • Sexual female dysfunction
  • Angry reader emails
  • Consent, agency, and the right to choose who you talk about sex with
  • Setting up boundaries
  • The profession of sex writing
  • Sexuality as a broader umbrella for understanding people
  • Socially ingrained competition between women
  • Being a girls’ girl versus being a guys’ girl
  • Fuck bois and fuck girls
  • Making an empowered choice to forego long-term monogamy, versus having issues with intimacy
  • Not putting up with shit and why boys will be boys is a damaging adage
  • The etymology of the word ‘slut’
  • Who can call you a slut?
  • Masturbation stories
  • Sex education
  • Are we the first sexually open generation?
  • Why do we masturbate in a relationship?
  • Why do we watch porn in relationships?
  • Bryony Cole and The Future of Sex
  • Badoink VR
  • Male-oriented porn
  • Is going to a strip club sleazy?
  • The worst sex advice ever given to anyone
  • Enthusiastic consent

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