I knew that if I wanted to explore love and spirituality, I had to speak to Erin Kyna. Life coach and meditation teacher Erin Kyna talks to us from Mama Hawaii for episode four, bringing her passion for self love and enlightenment to our ears.

I first met Erin at the start of 2014 when I was looking for a life coach to help me with my confidence. We instantly clicked, and over the past three years we’ve always kept in touch. Erin is one of those special individuals who lights up a room with her positive energy, charisma and unrelenting sense that all is well. But she wasn’t always this beacon of radical acceptance. In fact, her life was far from it. Her path to self-love and fulfilling relationships involved a lot of work, and today, she teaches others who to cultivate this same sense of self sovereignity and confidence.

In this episode we’re talking all about self-respect, and how to transform a marriage into a friendship. How do you manage expectations at the start of a relationship? Can you stay independent throughout your marriage? How do you go about navigating your sexuality in a hetero world? And is it possible for to take responsibility for your own emotions?


Love and spirituality, and other things discussed this episode:

  • Feeling the full spectrum of #feelings
  • Seeing a psychologist versus seeing a life coach
  • Putting people on pedestals and hey, stop doing that, yeah?
  • What lack causes 95% of problems? Spoiler alert! Self love!
  • Getting through drug addictions
  • Transforming relationships, not ending them
  • The power of language in effecting your relationship
  • Wisdom from cabbies – the shamans of our times
  • Going on holidays without your partner
  • Maintaining your independence throughout your marriage…but putting value on the “we” too
  • Managing expectations
  • Moving against people, moving towards people, and moving forward
  • Be more like Artemis!
  • Why I’m like the squirrel from the sword in the stone
  • Moving interstate for strangers. Guilty!
  • Presenting as hetero in a homophobic world
  • Navigating bisexuality in a heterosexual world
  • That one time Erin went butch, and that one time Camilla shaved half her head
  • Toltec wisdom and holding your own star
  • Why no person is an island
  • Being in control of your happiness
  • How to be your own source of validation
  • Being unapologetically vulnerable


Erin lives in Hawaii, but you can enjoy her services no matter where you are in the world. Find all of Erin’s upcoming events at her website. She’s also available for transformative coaching, which I can personally recommend changed my entire life.

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