Love, love is a verb, love is a doing word. In Episode 6, I interviewed ex musician Damien Tapley, now a creator of therapeutic, spiritual experiences. I posted a callout on Facebook for more male talent after a call for a masculine perspective. Social media delivered in the form of Damien Tapley. Actually, it was my IRL friend Bec who referred me to him. Thanks Bec!

One evening at Inspire 9 studios in Melbourne, we grabbed a bottle of red and let out motor mouths roll. How do you connect from a selfless place? Can you feel the joy of life through sleeping around? What is the definition of sleeping around? Do soul mates exist? How do you send off your smoke signal? And what are the TOP 3 most important relationships you’ll have in your life?
Love is a doing word and other things discussed in this episode:

  • Being attracted to the feminine
  • Connecting from a selfless place
  • Addictively connecting to others
  • The reptilian brain and the mammalian brain
  • Can you feel the joy of life through sleeping around?
  • Why Train Wreck is a train wreck of a movie
  • What do you consider sleeping around?
  • Do you need to suffer in order to experience personal growth?
  • Romantic realism and finding “The One”
  • Love, love is a verb, love is a doing word
  • Self responsibility
  • Monads, spiritual harmonics and finding your soul match in your soul group
  • Sending off your smoke symbol
  • The Lobster 
  • 3 types of relationships you’ll have in your lifetime
  • Intuition vs generalised anxiety
  • Recycling old relationships
  • Seeing God in everyone
  • Finding emotional strength in the unknown
  • Can you enjoy relationships without expectation?
  • Bad manners in the bedroom
  • Holistic sexual health
  • Sex as a creative outlet
  • Hire me to Tinder for you!
  • When to text your romantic partner
  • Playing games
  • What do guys want?
  • Australian blasphemies

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