The very first episode of All We Cannot Say, recorded 3 hours after a break up. The verdict? Love stinks. I was emotional and tired, and I wasn’t expecting the conversation to take this shape at all. I was expecting to talk about the start of something new, riffing high on new relationship energy and ready for those first blissful months where sex is the best. Instead, my microphone wasn’t working. But my tear ducts were!

In this heart-to-heart with artist Robyn Wilson (Flutter Lyon), we deep dive into the meaning of love and what it all means. Why is love the worst? Why is love the strongest drug of all? And how do you get your fix once the romance has gone? It was a conversation that was far better than any therapy session could have been. Just listen in and hear for yourself!

Love stinks, and other things discussed in this episode:

  • Roland Barthes ‘A Lover’s Discourse: Fragments’
  • Leaning into discomfort
  • Tinder vs Happn vs Bumble
  • First dates are like job interviews with alcohol
  • Oxytocin and addiction
  • Romantic education and successful relationships
  • Being a maniac thanks to your childhood
  • The definition of love
  • Living with long-term lovers
  • Prioritising yourself and time and space to do your thing
  • Travelling solo
  • What does it mean to contribute to a sex positive dialogue?
  • Why you should never, ever be quiet during sex

Robyn Wilson’s work can be found online –

You can also follow her on Facebook and Instagram for truth bombs, feelings and raw creativity.

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