Wine? Check. Falafel? Check. A passionate advocate for sex and feminism? Double check. Writer, feminist and all-round rad chick Laura Cordero joined me for episode two over a bottle of un-pronouncable French wine.

I met Laura at my co-working space in Melbourne, and was instantly drawn to her unapologetic way of expressing herself. She had to be on the podcast. So I asked her, and she said yes.

After we were well and truly wined up, we got right into the value of love and sex, and what dating means for us as two feminists who are still trying to figure it all out. We’re far from perfect, and we might not always have a consistent opinion, but we’re downright entertaining and not afraid to at least say something.

If you enjoy eavesdropping on the conversations of drunk white feminists, this is a real treat for your ears.

Sex and feminism and other things discussed in this episode:

  • Laura’s upcoming appearance on SBS series Undressed
  • Being disappointingly hetero
  • Freudian Theory
  • Accepting the love we think we deserve
  • Male feminists
  • A life without sex, or a life without love?
  • Double standards with oral sex
  • Being disappointingly hetero
  • Reality TV dating shows and solving our romantic dilemmas
  • Freudian theory and the Electra Complex
  • Alain de Botton
  • Male feminists and the right to identify
  • The ’spark’ and whether it exists
  • Treating your lovers like children
  • Adventures with Tinder
  • Love inspiring work and vice versa

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