Have we reached peak dating app apathy? Do sex and technology have a place in the bedroom? These are questions I went to Bryony Cole with. As the host of The Future of Sex, Bryony uses her podcast as a means to explore the brave new world of physical intimacy. Featuring interviews with sex and technology thought leaders, The Future of Sex is a head first dive into a new world of intimacy crossed with innovation.
In this episode we talk about:
  • The difference between the US and Australian tech industries
  • Make Love Not Porn 
  • Social sex and technology
  • Ethical porn
  • Guys who don’t like porn
  • Feminism and porn
  • Stoya and Trenchoat X
  • Virtual reality
  • Teledildonics
  • Why we’ll never stop fucking in real life
  • Masturbation, teledildonics and the role of toys between long-distance couples
  • Episode Four of Season One and MiaMuse.com
  • What defines a sex act?
  • The definition of cheating in a virtual world
  • Ethnographic research in the sex and technology industry
  • Skirt Club parties
  • Feminine sexual energy vs masculine sexual energy
  • The Orgasm Prescription 
  • Maintaining intimacy in a long-term relationship
  • Hook up culture and dating apps
  • The concept of casual dating
  • The secret to approaching asking someone out IRL
  • OmgYes.com
  • Virtual Reality Sex School
  • Badoink and virtual reality sex
  • Pillow Play and the 30 days of sex challenge for couples
  • Is everyone having sex except me?
  • Chastity, religion and sexuality
  • The demographic having the least sex
  • The rise of the herbivore man and the carnivorous women
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Header image: Michael Prewett

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