Once a couple’s Oxytocin rollercoaster comes to a grinding halt, they face a plethora of romantic and personal dilemmas. Whereas once you might have let conflicting values and certain behaviours slide throughout your honeymoon period, you might begin to question your future together once the rosey hue of new love has faded.

The question is: should you break up?

In this episode, we speak to fellow podcaster Meg Luscombe. She is a Melbourne-based life and relationship expert who facilitates meditation, healing and personal growth for all types of couples. Ultimately, she provides them with life skills to help them overcome obstacles so that they can have more fulfilling relationships.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • Why we all have multiple ‘soul mates’
  • Why love is not hopeless
  • The different between lust and love
  • If I’m obsessed with someone, does it mean I love them?
  • Limerence and the psychological dangers of the honeymoon period
  • When to know when your lust is destroying your life
  • The urge to merge
  • Britney Spears and Justine Timberlake = relationship goals
  • How do you deal with a friend who ghosts you when they get a bf/gf?
  • Why it physically hurts to go through a break up
  • Should you listen to your gut?
  • Why doubt isn’t always a bad thing
  • Relationship red flads
  • Why some people are in our lives for a short time, and not forever
  • How to end a relationship compassionately – don’t rip the band aid off!
  • How to communicate during a breakup
  • Love songs and toxic romance
  • Do we all need a relationship contract?
  • The danger of faking positive emotions and the importance of grieving a relationship properly
  • The No Contact Rule
  • When can you be friends with your ex?
  • Social media detoxes
  • The gendered divide of grieving and why men tend to suppress
  • Why “time heals all wounds” is the worst advice
  • The best advice? Don’t give any!

If you enjoyed Meg’s easy-going yet practical approach to relationships, you can easily get in touch with her by visiting her website. She offers coaching for both couples and single people alike.
You can also listen to Sex Love Wine for relationships advice every week.
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