What does the future of marriage and divorce look like? Do 50% of all marriages really end in divorce? Is the marriage rate up, or is it down? It seems that the world is more and more confused about the future of marriage now than ever before. Here’s what we do know – according to a 2012 report from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the average for marriage has risen from 18 to late 20s/early 30s, and Australians now favour long-term de factor relationships over exchanging rings.
And it’s the same for Americans too, with roughly 25% of US millennials taking a stroll down the aisle, according to research from the Pew Research Centre. That’s a big change from 72% back in 1962.
Which begs the question: why are we so pessimistic about marriage? And does this mean we’re also ambivalent about long-term romance?
In this episode, Erik Newtown of The Together Show talks to use about his life as a former divorce lawyer, and why co-creating a long-term relationship requires work.


Marriage, divorce, and other things discussed in this episode:

  • What is the heart?
  • Being comfortable with death
  • The School of Life 
  • What is, is perfect
  • Divorce is hectic
  • How the voice provides comfort
  • Being comfortable with endings, and why they aren’t inherently bad
  • How to approach a pending divorce
  • Having a Pollyanna perspective on life
  • Gabrielle Bernstein 
  • Zen Buddhism
  • The ‘truth’ as a lens
  • Learning via osmosis
  • Divorce law and a lifestyle of conflict
  • The art of allowing
  • Radical acceptance and Tara Brach 
  • How to approach conflict, changing values and changing personalities
  • Creating depth, intimacy and healing through conflict
  • The most common source of conflict amongst couples
  • Relying on allegedly static values
  • Laura Cordero on Episode 2 of Season 1
  • Why your relationship is not just about you and your partner
  • Why long-lasting, fulfilling and intimate relationships require WORK
  • Backing out of a divorce
  • Why do people cheat?
  • Developing emotional intelligence
  • US divorce statistics
  • Flying by the seat of your pants and white, heterosexual privilege
  • How to work with your partner in a professional capacity


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